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Carlos is the Creative Director and Industrial Designer for Arpino, one of Cipro-Group’s brands.

He graduated in Industrial Design at the lstituto Europeo di Design, Madrid, and started his career in 1998 as a freelancer designer, developing urban equipment.

Before working for Cipro, Carlos founded Induse Industrial Design Lda, which developed products, systems and architecture for various Portuguese and international companies. During this time he was also responsible for product and brand management at Objeta, was co-organizer and moderator of the 1st International Symposium on Bionics at the University of Aveiro - Portugal, and also implemented, managed and led the research and product design at the Bioma network - research in Bionics.

Carlos’ work reflects a commitment to partnerships between academia and industry, in developing new scientific research into technological systems and solutions.

carlos pereira - industrial designer

Tchissola joined Cipro-Group in 2015 as the Corporate Director. She obtained a degree in Business Management & Administration from the University of Manchester.

She also oversees the Creative Hub, as well as Arpino, and is also responsible for setting up Cipro-Group’s new foundation, which will specialise in design education.

TCHISSOLA MOSQUITO - art & education adviser

Alexandra joined Cipro-Group four years ago as the Director of Planning, Coordination and Control of Projects of its interior design department. She is an architect, and graduated with a degree in Architecture from the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Porto (FAUP) in 1997, with renowned architect Alvaro Siza as a master’s supervisor. In 1999 she graduated with a Masters Degree in Planning and Urban Environment from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Porto.

Before moving to Luanda and joining Cipro-Group, Alexandra was an Assistant Professor in Architecture and Design at the Faculty of Architecture and Arts at the Lusíada University of Porto, from 1997 to 2015. She also served as an adviser to the Director of the Faculty of Architecture and Arts of the Lusíada University of Porto between 2003 and 2014. During this time she also worked as a freelance interior designer.

Alexandra’s research interests include inclusive and participatory design and aim to answer the following questions: “Why do we love or hate the spaces and objects of our daily lives? Which emotions are linked to the design of spaces and products?”

In Alexandra’s own words: “The emotional power of products has never been doubted. Emotions play a major role in marketing and advertising. Skilled designers understand the powerful appeal of emotions and have used their intuitions and artistic skills to exploit this appeal. But despite the strong intuitive appeal, emotions have played little formal role in the design profession. That's why we need to evolve final consumers in the project process. We also need to understand what is inclusion in design, because inclusion is not about creating specific objects to people with special needs but about creating objects that can be used by all, avowing stigmatization.”

Alexandra also has a deep love for Angola and the African continent: “Despite globalization, different cultures receive design in different ways. Africa, possesses a challenge to the implementation of a global identity. Although widespread communication today provokes an inevitable leveling of ways of being, the identifiable social and cultural differences in developing African countries provoke distortions that constitute an interesting field of investigation about the interference of the emotions in the fields of architecture and design.”

Alexandra Amorim Coutinho - architect

Katia graduated with a degree in architecture from the Faculty of Engineering at the Universidade Agostinho Neto, based in Luanda. She has been working for Cipro-Group as an interior architect since September 2017.

She enjoys architecture because of the versatility in skillsets it requires, allows one to explore many aspects related to design, and as a result, also allows one to become a specialist in a range of different areas. She believes that the focus of any designer should be on solving the end-users’/ clients’ spatial problems or needs.

Katia Garrido - Architect & Designer

Joana joined Cipro-Group’s interior design division, Atelier RR, in March 2019. She graduated from the University of Lusiada in Porto, Portugal, with a degree in Design after initially studying architecture at the same university. She has five years of working experience in graphic, interior, industrial and product design and has worked for various companies in these disciplines.

Joana Guimarães - interior & industrial designer

John joined the Cipro-Group in October 2018 to help conceptualize, develop, and manage the new Creative Hub. He is a trained and experienced project architect (graduating from the University of Cape Town), researcher, facilitator and lecturer - and recent international development studies graduate from the University of Oxford. Before moving to Angola, John worked at the Craft and Design Institute (A national sector development agency promoting design) as a Project Coordinator on informal settlement upgrading projects, on behalf of the Western Cape Government.

John Edwards - Architect

Diva joined Cipro-Group’s Arpino as Production Manager at their Porto office in July 2018. She relocated to Angola in January 2019 to help set up Arpino’s new Design Showroom and Office Space, which will open its doors towards the end of 2019. Before working for Arpino, Diva worked in Mozambique, and as a designer in Porto for a playground design company. She also founded and managed her own laser-cutting company during this time.

Diva Felix - industrial designer

Alexandre graduated from the Universidade Metodista de Angola - (Angola Methodist University) in Luanda with a degree in architecture, and has been at Cipro-Group since September 2017.4) What you enjoy about architecture/ why you wanted to be an architect?

He is passionate about nature and photography and considers himself a bit of a dreamer. He is crazy about architecture because it is one of the few professions that can do much more for others if it is practiced correctly and ethically. He is a proud son of teachers and from an early age has learnt that knowledge is knowledge, only if it is shared with the community that surrounds it.

Alexandre Joao - architect & designer