designer/ maker residency programme*

Are you passionate about design and feel like experiencing life in Angola while collaborating with other designers/ makers?

*All expenses (flights, accommodation, food, and stipend) covered by US.

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what is the creative hub?

The Creative Hub is an initiative by the Cipro-Group, an interior design company based in Luanda (Angola).

The Creative Hub's projects include a Designer/ Maker-Residency Programme, Designer/ Maker Workshops, Design Events,

as well as bespoke projects & designs (for Cipro-Group brands and external clients).

The Creative Hub’s ‘new home’, inside sister-company Arpino’s newly launched Showroom/ Studio Space

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Our new tote bag designs

Order our unique Creative Hub Typography now

meet our designer-maker mentors

During their stay at the Cipro-Group’s Design-Campus, Designer/ maker residents will have access to a range of internal and external designer/ maker mentors. These mentors represent various different design and artisanal disciplines, ranging from industrial design, to fashion design, architecture, furniture design, interior design, carpentry and upholstery.


our manifesto

We believe in creativity, experimentation, and innovation

We believe in sustainable processes

We believe in craftmanship

We believe in collaboration

We believe in promoting locally designed furniture

We believe in promoting locally produced furniture

We believe in supporting local designers & crafters & artists

We believe in skills development and design education

We believe in growing the design-economy in Angola


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The Creative Hub is an initiative by Cipro-Group, an interior-design company based in Luanda and Porto. In addition to the Creative Hub, Cipro-Group recently launched a new brand called Arpino, and is in the process of establishing the Cipro-Group Foundation. For more information, please see below:

One of  Cipro-Group ’s Boardrooms

One of Cipro-Group’s Boardrooms

Arpino ’s OX Series’ pergola

Arpino’s OX Series’ pergola

The foundation will use every-day vernacular to teach design-literacy

The foundation will use every-day vernacular to teach design-literacy